aboutercEconomic Resources Corporation (ERC) is a California nonprofit corporation formed to bring capital, expertise and opportunity to underserved communities through business development and investment.

Established in 1968, ERC was created by community, business and professional leaders to address the widespread disparity in economic opportunity, productivity and wealth creation in underserved communities, and to pursue activities to help mitigate the economic barriers for effective local development.

Within the development arena, our nonprofit status provides unique opportunities for resource development. With business acumen and nonprofit advantage, we employ real-world approaches to tackle urgent economic development needs in underserved communities.

Our principal thrust has been to provide the types of infrastructural resources necessary for:

  • Business Growth and Development
  • Job Creation
  • Community Generated Economic Development
  • Community Self-sufficiency

The nature of our efforts have centered around:

  • Industrial and Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Technical, Managerial and Financial Assistance