Over four decades ago, the county was rife with civil unrest. Major areas of the United States, including Watts and its surrounding community, were virtual war zones caused by frustration over lack of job opportunity and general economic disenfranchisement of the communities. Something had to be done. The answer was a broader, more collective approach. Viable, economic ideas and resources had to be created expressly for the minority population communities. It required teamwork and direction; the coming together of minds. As a result of this effort, Economic Resources Corporation was born. Our mission was to infuse the troubled areas with money from the private sector; to bring jobs, economic opportunity and most of all, self-respect back to the community.

Through the years, this unique ERC perspective caused it to become well versed in the issues confronting a minority business community attempting to join the mainstream. Thus, ERC became a repository of information data md guidance for minority businesses seeking opportunity and change.

To effectuate our mission ERC focused its energies on the development of industrial and commercial real estate to create quality places of business. This in turn, attracted and retained industrial/commercial enterprises rich with job opportunities, bringing much needed economic to the target area.

With sound management and financial acumen, ERC has not only survived and accomplished its original objectives it has thrived.