Organization and Management

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Economic Resources Corporation represents prominent leadership of the business and professional community of the Los Angeles area. Collectively they offer many years of experience and expertise and ensure that ERC meets the needs of a modern investment community in terms of accountability and performance.

  • Sam Hughes

    President and CEO

  • Allan L. Alexander, ESQ

    Attorney-at-Law, Private Practice

  • Tracey Mitchel-Lai

    Head of Finance, Biscuit Filmworks

  • Kyle Davis

    Director of Development, University of Rochester, N.Y.

  • Michael Nagin

    Board Chair

    Executive Director of Real Estate, J.P. Morgan

  • Neville L. Rhone, JR.

    Managing Partner, Arc Capital Partners LLC

  • Terrence J. Roberts, Ph.D.

    Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

  • J. Stanley Sanders, ESQ

    Attorney-At-Law, Private Practice

  • Sierra C. Smith

    Executive Director, Open Paths

  • Jeffrey Tamkin

    President, Tamkin Development Corporation

  • Hoonie Kang

    Partner, Kearny Real Estate


Dedicated professionals tasked with overseeing day to day operations in asset management, property development and economic development initiatives.