Broadband Network

Leveraging next-generation technology to deliver innovative service and speed job growth

004ERC recognizes the need for small businesses to access and communicate reliable data, in real time, including images and high-resolution graphics. To assist in that need, in 2007 ERC initiated an effort to procure a broadband network. After several unsuccessful attempts to partner with telephone and cable service providers, ERC made a commitment to launch its own network. Securing a 2003 grant from the U. S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, ERC embarked upon the development of a fiber-optic broadband network to serve the Business Park.

This investment will extend the life of the ERC Business Park and help retain higher-paying jobs in the area. It will also eliminate the need for overlaying networks that complicate network management and reduce the flexibility in the introduction and evolution of services.

While the initial and intended beneficiaries of the new broadband network will be the fifty plus businesses currently utilizing facilities of the ERC Business Park, the project will have a broader influence in the surrounding residential community. Local residents will have the potential to access high-speed broadband Internet services, currently unavailable in the area. Our innovative applications will enhance communications, entertainment, computing, business productivity, security, education, job training and many other areas common to daily life. Additionally, the ERC broadband network investment will create ripple effects throughout the local economy that will create permanent jobs and improve quality of life.

In essence, the ERC Broadband Network Project is vitally important to business productivity, consumer prosperity and economic growth in the community that we serve.