Financial Accountability


Our principle source of working capital consists of revenues derived from lease/sale of developed projects.
The ERC Business Park, with an average occupancy rate of over 90%, contributes heavily to our working capital resources.


001ERC derives its investment capital from the operation of the ERC’s property portfolio and occasional federal investment.

ERC has a history of sound and effective fiscal management, timely and complete financial reporting, and audit compliance. Our business characteristics lead to sound investment policies. Our investment decisions are based on realistic future returns, and we are committed to achieving excellent performance and outcomes. As a result, even though ERC is a nonprofit corporation, because we rely primarily on our investment portfolio for our working and operating capital, every investment must make sense financially and be able to stand on its own merits.

Financial integrity is ensured through the use of industry-standard financial management tools with internal controls, reconciliation, and reporting that support mission-critical objectives. Financial transactions are processed and recorded effectively and efficiently to provide complete, timely, reliable, and consistent information and reporting for sound decision-making.

With a responsible board of directors, annual independent audits, and the avoidance of conflicts of interest, we consistently maintain sufficient capital resources to meet the corporation’s obligations.